Beautiful interactive presentations of your trails

Attract your audience

With beatifully crafted presentations incorporating meaningfull views your routes, trails and slopes will shine. This is on top of solid artifacts describing the routes from all possible angles.

All on your pages and in your social media.

Tell stories

Leverage your collection of media to start telling the rich and well composed story. Let the story to be seen uniquely for each participant - yes, change the spectator into the active participant of the show.

Tell many stories about the route. The route is different for each individual.

Engage users

Activate your users to play with interactive features of route presentations. Being it maps, charts, POIs tighly integrated with video or 3D playground, you call it.

Never again the audience watch video passively from begining to the end or perform blind jumps forward and backward. Now the video is augmented with relevant information, jumps are controlled and informed.

Call for action

From virtual to real-time personal experience. Now when users got in love with your routes and found them perfect match for their high expectations and their skills send them on a trip.

They can follow the route, get advice in case they want to change the route. Eventually they can use their favourite mobile navigation using the GPS trails you expose.

Route experience

Users can share their own experience of the route, even trigger challenges. User interactions are reaching the new level.

The service provides tools that enable each user to become a creator of rich route presentations which can be added to your route presentation context.

Encourage creation of active user ecosystem arround your routes.


Shape your routes and services together with users.

Involve users in feedback loop. Let them design new routes and evaluate your new ideas. The propositions can be visualise in 2D and in 3D or quick filming may be done in recce mode.